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The Organic Report is the OTA’s print news magazine for members. It provides an in-depth look at issues of relevance to the dynamic organic sector, covering agricultural production, trade, market and policies. Editions include features, legislative and regulatory columns, viewpoints, organic research highlights, news and trends, and association news.

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Spring 2015 Organic Report Magazine

Check out some of this edition's headlines:

  • Organic Check-off: An Historic Step for Organic
  • Farmland LP creatively strategizes to meet organic demand
  • Celebrate the International Year of Soils
  • Organic Public Servants: Help Wanted
  • Spotlight on Farmers Advisory Council (FAC)
  • Grant expands fresh produce for Florida SNAP recipients
  • Esperanza Threads: a place of hope and purpose


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Winter 2015 Organic Report Magazine

Check out some of this edition's headlines:

  • The Organic Report Winter 2015

    Building Bridges: Building the bridge between organic demand and supply is a challenge that is becoming more and more pressing for our sector. On one hand, it is exciting that demand for organic products continues to grow by leaps and bounds. At the same time, we cannot ignore the need to increase domestic production.

  • Organic Supply and Demand: Bridging the Gap: Providing the proper tools to help the sector grow
  • Retailers ramp up their offerings
  • Ready, set, GO! A two-year regulatory sprint
  • New Year, New Congress
  • Meet OTA's Board of Directors
  • Organic New Years Resolutions and Predictions


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Summer 2014 Organic Report Magazine

Check out some of this edition's headlines:

  • A time for visionaries: When you receive this edition of the Organic Report, you will notice a new look. In addition, we are very excited about the content featured: from a clear look at what a check-off program could mean for organic...
  • The organic check-off: Moving from idea to reality: Game-changing. Transformative. Ground-breaking. Historic. Unprecedented. Untested. Unproven. Unworkable. Just add “organic check-off program” after any of these descriptions and that will give a fair sense of the heated debate swirling around what has become the most critical—and, yes, potentially transformative—issue for the organic industry since the first discussions more than 20 years ago... 
  • Investing in organic farmland 
  • Critical organic research needs 
  • Organic needs the ammo of a check-off program 


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Barbara Haumann
Senior Writer/Editor
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